Q. Where can I start with if I wanted to invest? goldinvesto.com ?
A.You need register an account and invest firstly,then wait for your profits on our site.Click here to get a free account now.

Q.Which e-currencies do you accept?
A. We accept PerfectMoney : PerfectMoney, Dogecoin,Litecoin,Ethereum,BitcoinCash,Dash, Payeer and BitCoin

Q.How long it is needed for my deposit added into my account?
A.For PerfectMoney,Payeer, it's added instantly.For BitCoin,BitcoinCash,Dogecoin,Litecoin,Dash,Ethereum it will be added automatically after the transaction has been 1 confirmed by Network. . Once you can't see your deposit on your account for over 5 hours,please contact us.

Q.What can I do if I want to change my e-mail address or e-currency account?
A.You can't be allowed to change the e-mail address and the e-currency account by yourselves after you set them successfully. But if you truely wish to change,please contact our support.

Q.Do you accept compounding?
A. No,we don't offer compounding for all of the plans.

Q.Can I deposit from my account with the balance directly?
A.Yes, you can. Just login into your account and click on the button "Make Deposit" and select "Deposit from Account Balance".

Q.Do you pay the interests by calendar days or business days?
A.Calendar days,you can get interests 7 days per week.

Q.How can I deposit by BitCoin?
A.When you want to deposit,please select "Spend funds from BitCoin",then click the button "SPEND",you'll go to the page with our BitCoin address and the amount BTC on it. You need to pay to the BitCoin address manually. After it's finished, you don't need to do others. Your deposit will be added automatically after the transaction has been confirmed by blockchain.info. It takes about several minutest to 2 hours normally,depending on the Blockchain.info merchant system. But if you can't see your deposits on your account after more than 5 hours,please contact us.

Q.How can I withdraw my profits?
A.Just need to login into your account and click the button"Withdraw".

Q.Do you have any fees for my withdrawal?
A.No fees, it's fully free.

Q.What is the maximum and minimum amount for my withdrawal?
A.No maximum amount for withdrawal. No any minimum amount for PerfectMoney,Payeer withdrawal. But for BitCoin,BitcoinCash,Dogecoin,Litecoin,Dash,Ethereum withdrawal,the withdrawal is at least $1.

Q. When can I receive my funds after requesting withdrawal?
A.We'll processed your request asap. It will take several minutes to several hours to process normally, and won't exceeds 24 hours.

Q.If I forget my password,how can I do?
A. Click forgot password, You need to input your username or e-mail,then click the button"SEND",you'll receive your account information soon.

Q.Is the profit paid to my e-currency account directly?
A.No,you profits only arrive to your PhenixPro account,you need to request the withdrawing from your PhenixPro account.

Q.Can I make multiple deposits to my account?<
A. Yes,you can make multiple deposits to any plan as you want.

Q.How can I change my password?
A. Login into your account,then click the button "Edit Account", and save your new password.

Q.Can I register multiple accounts?
A.No,one person is only allowed to have one account. The multiple accounts will be frozen once we find.

Q.What BTC rate you uesd?
A.We use Live Rate Blockchain,the system will convert it automatically when you make deposites or withdrawing.